The Conscious Ape

Exercise in futility


Essay on the topic of consciousness and it's deeper role in how we conduct our lives.

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The Loop of Life and the God-Machine


Essay on the topic of mundanity of our lives and burgeoning technological world around us.

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The Soup of Time


Essay on the topic of our mortality and passage of time.

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1.35 kilos of existence


Essay about the folly of certainty.

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Born in Dissonance


An ode to the mightiest of music genres.

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Man’s Search for Metagnosis


A fugue on the theme of grasping the absolute.

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To those we love


A letter to the loved ones.

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Cave of our origins


Musings on the theory of our origins.

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The Death of Silence


Essay on the topic of living in an urban environment and the death of a peaceful moment of repose.

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Diagnosed with Terminally Online


Essay on the topic of staying permanently online and never disconnecting from the internet and how it affects our brains.

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A glitch in the matrix and the death of positive vibes


A fugue on the theme of how the internet culture changed from the wild west of yore to today's corporative dystopia.

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Well of Anaïs


A short story about coping with depression and suicide, or as Camus put it; "The most important philosophical problem".

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The Dragon in Our Head


Follow-up essay about the folly of certainty.

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The Lost Art of Doing Nothing


Essay on the topic of toxicity of productivity culture, boredom and our paradoxical inability to just do nothing.

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The Whale, the Judge and the Yarn


A comparative essay of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick and Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. A side by side examination of shared philosophies and themes, and possible influence of the former on the latter.

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Navigating the Meta Crisis, Part 1: Introduction


Opening essay of a multi-part series on the topic of understanding and addressing the challenges of our time, rational sensemaking and global catastrophic risks.

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